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Bringing Organisational Health Management to Life Since 2011

Our interaction with the health and wellbeing industry has led My Workplace Health to create a customisable suite of interactive software applications which enables organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their employees health.

From our centralised management hub ‘Health Cloud‘, clients can employ the functionality of our many satellite applications to build unique services which cater to their needs.

Coined by the Greek philosopher Plato, the term ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’ best describes how My Workplace Health came to exist.

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Any device, anywhere, anytime

Health Cloud® is our flagship application for the centralised management of employee health within the workplace and caters for the full cycle of employee engagement including pre employment,  physical and mental health assessments and programs, critical  incident management, inventory management, injury management and provider management.

A Complete Suite Of Solutions

User Specific Integrated Software

Both Provider+ and Healthy Me provide external users with simplied encypted access to the Health Cloud® software management hub. 

Leading Technology for Providers

Often, the time required to train external users just isn’t available. That’s why our team designed and created Provider+ to be a straight forward and uncomplicated interface component of our management software portfolio.

The software blueprint of Provider+ has incorporated the specific needs of the counsellor community to produce a streamlined version of the health cloud application. Completion of assessments has been made even simpler with the inclusion of indication cues. Mandatory questions are flagged where users are guided through proper entry of data.

External users can complete their own invoicing via the system ensuring all tasks have been completed.User defined security roles are effortlessly prescribed by applying a fine grained level of restrictions and permissions for each database user. A neat feature is that users can only see tasks assigned to them.

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Engage your Employees

Health Management is something you do with people, not to them. Healthy Me provides a solution that facilitates interaction, online assessment, results and resources.

During the pre employment process, job applicants can complete questionnaires relating to previous injuries, wellbeing and other medical related accounts. Employees can conveniently and effortlessly respond to work related questionnaires. In fact, this component of our software can be tailored for just about any survey oriented use.
Assessments are assigned to individuals using our Health Cloud component. A link is then sent via sms or email inviting the employee to complete the questionnaire using Healthy Me. Once they have set their password this can be reused to send as many assessments as required throughout their employment lifecycle and on demand charts are available to show their results over time.

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